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VW Amarok

VW Amarok


SKU AKS2023R               These semi air kits come complete with all necessary parts, are easy to install, require no drilling and fully tested and approved to the highest standards. Optional control systems are readily available to suit all customer needs.


As the name implies, the additional air spring (or semi-air) by Drive-Rite supports the factory installed steel suspension by the use of air.
The air pressure can be manually or automatically adapted to individual needs in a very easy way with an optional compressor. And as an option the customer can also get a control system with a gauge.
The air suspension reduces the friction between the leaf springs, thereby improving their performance. You will feel that by having more comfort. Depending on the model, the air suspension system not only lifts the rear axle on the longitudinal axis, but also eliminates misalignment along the transverse axis, as created by one-sided loading outside the vehicle center.

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