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Nissan Navara NP300 Rear Full-Air

Nissan Navara NP300 Rear Full-Air

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Also fits: Mercedes-Benz X Class, Renault Alaskan

Nissan’s Navara is known as one of the World’s most refined pickup trucks with technology and comfort levels comparable to many high-end family cars. Tuned as a daily use vehicle, the suspension is supple and can struggle when the going get’s tough.


Our rear full-air kit from On Air Suspension will provide good levels of comfort and ensure a near-constant rear ride height, no matter the legal load*.


When your vehicle is fitted with the standard coil suspension and loaded with weight, the coil springs compress and the performance, handling characteristics and ride quality may be compromised. The ride may become harsh and you encounter sagging and handling problems. The original suspension stiffens with load, comfort decreases and the stress on the vehicle, the driver and the load increases enormously. 


By using a full air suspension kit from On Air Suspension you are eliminating these issues by keeping the rear of the vehicle level when carrying full GVW loads and maintaining ride quality under differing load conditions.


Benefits of On Air Suspension full air conversion kit


Improved vehicle stability and handling under all loaded conditions 
Increased comfort and enhanced driving experience 
Air Spring pressure monitoring for enhanced safety 
Optimized geometry 
Near constant ride height under all loaded conditions up to vehicle full GVW*

Easily installed and user-friendly system

On Air Suspension’s full air kit comes complete with the all necessary parts, is easy to install and requires no drilling during installation. Only high-quality materials are used to provide the most reliable kit for your vehicle. Electronic components have been durability tested and in many cases are shared with those fitted to many European cars for factory fit air suspension. The compressor from AMK is very robust with low noise and vibration.


Automatic load levelling is built into the system, with onboard pressure monitoring for increased safety.

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    Built to order - Certain kits may have a 4 to 6 week lead time.
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