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Defender 4-Corner Full-Air

Defender 4-Corner Full-Air


On Air Suspension’s Defender 4-Corner Air Suspension


We also offer a full fitting service from our Ongar, Essex workshop. Please call on 01277 552030.


Land Rover’s Defender is known as one of the most rugged 4X4’s ever. Used across the world in the most arduous of conditions, the Iconic Defender stands its ground against any modern 4X4 and continues to work alongside military vehicles.

How about diversify your Defender, with improved on-road behaviour for daily use and the ability of increased ground clearance when venturing off-road. Welcome to On Air Suspension’s Defender 4-corner air suspension. 

When your Defender is fitted with the standard coil suspension, the ride is a compromise between off-road ability, load carrying and normal road use. By using a full air suspension kit from On Air Suspension, ride quality is improved and vehicle height can be altered by moving to a pre-set relevant to your needs. Vehicle height and wheel travel is then in it’s best position and there will also be no change in your chosen height no matter the legal load.*


Benefits of On Air Suspension full air conversion kit

•    Improved vehicle stability and handling under all loaded conditions 
•    Increased comfort and enhanced driving experience 
•    Fully adjustable heights with Intelligent controls
•    Optimized geometry 
•    Constant ride height under all loaded conditions up to vehicle full GVW*
•    Easily installed and user-friendly system


On Air Suspension use only high-quality materials to give you the most reliable kit for your vehicle. Our system is designed by Engineers using proprietary parts designed in house to maximise performance of the overall system. In house designed strut towers and shock mounts work to provide the ideal suspension geometry for the Defender. Angled pistons reduce the lateral loading and movement of the air spring throughout the suspension travel. Each part has been through the relevant R&D channels to bring the most comprehensive 4 corner Defender Air Suspension system on the market. 

Bespoke air spring units are used in conjunction with Fox or Koni shock absorbers and the Intelliride control system. Electronic components have been durability tested and in many cases are shared with those fitted to many European cars for factory fit air suspension. The compressor from AMK is very robust with low noise & vibration.

The On Air Suspension kit comes complete with all necessary parts, is easy to install and requires minimal drilling during fitment.        

The kit comes with all necessary items for a complete installation, including air tank, airlines, brackets, compressor, ECU, controls, air springs and Fox/Koni shock absorbers.

When ordering your kit, we can match the shocks for your individual needs.

- Fox Shocks provide the ultimate ride comfort and compliance. Working in combination with the air springs to transform the ride of the defender. 
- Koni Shocks are also available, providing slightly more damping, giving a slightly firmer and more dynamic ride.

Standard kit comes supplied with Koni shocks, please contact us when you make an order to specify and inquire about Fox shocks whilst we await for them to load onto our system. There is a slight increase in price with the Fox option. 


2 Corner rear only kit available shortly.

Kit features
•    Constant ride height*
•    Increased comfort
•    Improved stability & driveability
•    Pre-set heights for electronic control system
•    Access. Low for easy entry/exit
•    Ride height. Normal road use
•    Off-road
•    Additional tilt features available
•    Multi-axis horizon levelling add-on feature available on request


Technical Specification

Kit number (D90)    AKF1090Z
Kit number (D110, D130)    AKF1130Z
Wheel travel    ~180mm
Off-road position    +40mm
Access position    -50mm

*Please refer to Land Rover for Defender official payload capability.

Kit variations available to suit requirements;

AKF1130Z    Defender 110, 130    4 Corner Full Air 
AKF1230Z    Defender 110, 130    4 Corner Full Air Excluding Shocks 
AKF1330Z    Defender 110, 130    4 Corner Full Air Excluding Shocks Excluding Controls
AKF1090Z    Defender 90    4 Corner Full Air
AKF1290Z    Defender 90    4 Corner Full Air Excluding Shocks 
AKF1390Z    Defender 90    4 Corner Full Air Excluding Shocks Excluding Controls


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